Tendring CAMRA - RurAle

RurAle is Tendring CAMRA's campaign to make a particular effort to support rural pubs.

It is less formal than our RambAle walks and aims to persuade smaller groups of CAMRA members (or anyone) to visit rural pubs a bit more often.

The members would get to the pub(s) by public transport or walking, and would try and mention in advance on our Facebook Group (if time permits) where they are planning to go and when in case others fancy joining them for a pint or two.

For the purposes of the Tendring district, rural would be pubs not in Clacton, Harwich, Frinton, Walton, Brightlingsea or Manningtree.

  • A visit involving one pub would be a SingAle
  • A trip involving two pubs would be a DoubAle
  • A trip involving three pubs would be a TripAle, and so on.

If members send write-ups of RurAles that they have done we will try and include them below for others to try.

Overview map

TripAle: The Oakleys and Ramsey

Start at the Maybush in Great Oakley.

Take a bus (or in better weather walk) to the Olde Cherry Tree in Little Oakley.

Finally walk to the Castle in Ramsey.

See one possible walking route at OpenRouteService.org by clicking here.